The 10th Annual Port Susan Snow Goose & Birding Festival

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…………………………………….…..……Farming & Snow Geese
Farms and open space provide a critical habitat for wintering Snow Geese and Swans. The unobstructed visibility in farm fields offers flocks protection from stalking animals such as dogs and coyotes. Some of the best viewing of large flocks of geese can be seen in local fields.

Please remember that these are working farms, and observe the following courtesies:

  • Treat the farm as if it is someone's backyard - it probably is!
  • Don’t block the farm entrance or farm house drive way
  • Park in areas that are public or out of traffic
  • Do not park in farm fields
  • Keep your dogs in the car
  • Respect the farmers private land - do not walk in fields. Even if they appear fallow, fields may be planted with over-wintering crops.
  • DON’T APPROACH THE BIRDS!!! They are storing precious energy in preparation for their long trip home

Festival Notes: